Submersible integration with ship services

Introducing… :MissionSpaces

In collaboration with Submarine Manufacturing and Products Ltd (SMP), the AquaTitans :MissionSpaces brand was launched in 2024.

Fronted by submersible pilot and subsea diving systems specialist, Montana McKinnon, AquaTitans :MissionSpaces offers shipbuilders the ability to contract turnkey solutions for the design and outfit of dive centres, submersible garages and related technical spaces onboard expedition yachts and research vessels.

Why :MissionSpaces?

A carefully curated and fully-integrated mission space, will:

1. Provide an effective and efficient maintenance space for specialist payloads, thereby increasing reliability and availability

2. Ensure specialist payloads can be launched and recovered safely in a range of sea states

3. Help to attract and retain the best crews, leading to optimum owner/customer experience

4. Support a range of primary, secondary and emergency operational modes, ensuring equipment is ready, available and properly configured for a wide range of scenarios

Delivering a complete capability of design, specification, procurement, installation, commissioning and in-service support, AquaTitans can supply a wide range of submersible and diving support equipment, inclusive of:-

  • decompression chambers, commercial diving equipment, gas panels, gas storage systems, and compressors;

  • submersible replenishment systems including oxygen, air, and battery charging; submersible handling systems and rescue/recovery equipment;

  • submersible maintenance and support equipment, including tooling packages and storage solutions;

  • subsea communications and tracking systems and on-deck voice communications

Bolstered by SMP’s 35+ year history in the supply of reliable, safe and certified hyperbaric systems, the collective expertise of the :MissionSpaces team can confidently develop bespoke custom-fit packages and whole-life solutions for any yacht or vessel, while adhering to the highest standards.

Find out more…

Click here to download a PDF version of our :MissionSpaces brochure and discover more on the products and services we can offer
Submersible integration with ship services
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