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Within the AquaTitans Glasgow facility, we have an impressive range of specialist fabrication, machining, and tooling capabilities for in-house manufacturing, electrical testing, and rapid prototyping of custom submersible components. The AquaTitans team also holds long-term relationships with trusted vendors to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality components across a wide and varied global supply chain in the submersible Production and Procurement Services.

Bespoke Support Containers for Submersible Operations

AquaTitans was engaged to design and supply four high-specification bespoke 20ft support containers for use with commercial and private submersibles.   

Designed as a turnkey deployable operational solution for multiple onshore & offshore scenarios, it features a 2-compartment layout, with a plant compartment for charging equipment, and an operations control compartment accessed via a man doorway. 

Key features include:- 

  • Custom electrical installation and an external recessed connection hutch for direct hook-up to an external power source. 

  • Insulated and lined plant compartment, with double container doors, and equipment including:- 

    • HP Air Compressor, Max WP 420BAR, 315L/min; 

    • O2 Booster, Electrically Driven, Max WP 206BAR; 

    • Battery Charging, 24Vdc/144Vdc (20A/20A) 

  • Insulated and lined operations command and control compartment, including:- 

    • Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning system; 

    • Subsea Import Underwater Acoustic Telephone (10kHz and 27kHz); 

    • IP networking system including 16Tb NAS Hard Drives, computers and screens, for local maintenance records and surveillance equipment; 

    • Heating and Cooling with built-in A/C system  

  • Hard-wearing walls, floors and surfaces, together with a range of customisable configurations, including:- 

    • Rugged industrial Bott furniture and storage solution; 

    • Comprehensive tooling package; 

    • External power supplies for deck work (16A/230VAC, 16A/110VAC, 32A,400VAC); 

    • Internal LED lighting and External flood lighting; 

    • CCTV surveillance system; 

    • Tracking pole deployment mechanism; 

    • Certified bottom lift spreader beam and lifting equipment 

Alan MacDonald

Sales Manager at Sonardyne International Ltd
We’re pleased to be supporting AquaTitans in their new venture. Both Alan and William are highly experienced operators and their containerised solution will make submersible operation from vessels of opportunity or even waterside locations far easier, reducing equipment supply and integration complexities.
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